Monday, September 24, 2018

Turmoil in Chicago

Roman Catholic Priest “Off the Grid and On the Run” to escape official retribution from Cardinal Blaise Cupich

I apologize to those of you who tire of the Roman Catholic scandals. I follow them fairly closely, and the tangle of names of all the different Cardinals and Bishops from all the different countries around the world can become tiresome, and I have a hard time following them myself.

But the shenanigans go on and on, and I think these are illustrative of how the Roman Catholic Church sees itself … some sort of trans-governmental government of its own, still relying on Medieval tactics to “get the job done” (i.e., to make sure that “the gates of hell” do not prevail) in its own neurotic, sociopathic ways.

Given that overarching “method” of Roman operation (likely left over from the early middle ages, if not from ancient Roman government itself), we now have some battle lines being drawn, fairly clearly, within the confines of that neurotic system.

In the process, a conservative priest who allowed his parishioners to burn a "gay flag" (superimposed on the cross of Christ) has been summoned to undergo psychiatric counseling. He refused to submit, and now he is on the run. I find this video to be both sad and entertaining.

P.S. Edit: Cupich is one of Pope Bergoglio's first and most visible appointments in the US.

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