Friday, September 28, 2018

Kafka now

I appreciate how Democrats keep proving that they can't be trusted with power. Their Kafkaesque standard that the accused has a duty to invite a gov't agency to investigate him. I keep reading the witless claim that an innocent person has nothing to fear from a criminal investigation. Are these people even thinking?

An innocent person is assuming a gratuitous risk if he requests a criminal investigation. The risk that he will be imprisoned on a process crime. Suppose the interrogators ask him prying questions it would be embarrassing to answer. Not about criminal behavior, but just embarrassing behavior. Suppose he lies to avoid the humiliation. Now they will nail him for perjury, even though it was none of their business to ask him questions about embarrassing, but legal behavior. 

In addition, he doesn't even have to lie to be indicted for perjury. The same agency that interrogates him determines if his answers are truthful. He can give honest answers but still do time for perjury because it all depends on their interpretation. 

If he didn't agree a criminal investigation, he wouldn't put himself in legal jeopardy. It's safer for an innocent person not to agree to that potential trap. No one in their right mind will ambush themselves by requesting a criminal investigation. Why should they cooperate with their enemies? 

That's one reason the burden of proof is on the accuser. Why should an innocent person concede that there's anything that needs to be investigated? That concession is a tactical blunder. It gives his enemies a foot in the door. 


  1. 1. So, on the one hand, liberals think Kavanaugh talking to the FBI is a good idea and the FBI will get to the bottom of things and so on. On the other hand, liberals have a long history of distrusting law enforcement to say the least (e.g. liberals often allege cops are racist against minorities).

    2. Also, there's a video titled "Don't Talk to the Police" which is famous on the internet. The first half is by a law prof named James Duane and the second half is by a police officer. Both the lawyer and the police officer argue the average person should never talk to the police even if they're completely innocent. The video provides several compelling reasons not to talk to the cops.

    1. Of course, Kavanaugh is a lawyer and a judge. But that's not my point in using the video. Rather I'm using the video to show how some law enforcement agents can set traps which even the innocent walk right into.

  2. I write to the IRS every year asking for an audit.