Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mortal combat

As if uncorroborated allegations are self-validating. Behold the beauty of circular justification: an allegation taints him by virtue of the allegation itself, and not whether it's true, not whether there's any solid evidence. 

Notice the strategy: if one uncorroborated allegation doesn't sink his confirmation, then the cumulative weight of multiple uncorroborated allegations, increasingly surreal, is supposed to sink his confirmation.

It would be dishonorable to throw Kavanaugh over the back of the sled to save ourselves. Moreover, it's counterproductive. This tactic poses a threat to all men. We need to watch each other's back. We can't permit a culture in which men are presumptively guilty.

The Democrats have made this a fight to the death. So we need to respond in kind. If they're going to turn confirmation hearings into mortal combat, we can't afford to back down.

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