Friday, December 08, 2017

Setting traps

Democrats have temporarily discovered that sexual harassment is intolerable. They are cleaning house to regain the appearance of moral high ground against the GOP. Put another way, the ouster of some Democrats lays a trap for Republicans. If Democrats oust their harassers, while Republicans protect their harrassers, the comparison is invidious. 

However, Democrats might be setting a trap for themselves. Suppose Republicans call their bluff? Assuming that Moore wins, suppose–barely after he's sworn in–McConnell begins proceedings to have him kicked out. I believe it takes a supermajority to expel a sitting Senator. That would require a bipartisan coalition.

Democrats would be better off with Moore in the Senate. They could use him in attack ads. But if McConnell forces a vote, that puts them in a dilemma of their own making. They can't simultaneously accuse the GOP of refusing to clean house if they refuse to cooperate with the GOP when it endeavors to do so. 

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