Friday, December 08, 2017



  1. So, I remember discussing with you the Trinity and asking a question about whether the Trinity should be looked at as having 3 consciousnesses. It seems we both enjoyed Dr. Anderson's post "Why one?", but that seems to entail that God has one mind as Bálint and Dr. Anderson agree in the comments. Am I confusing the terms "Mind" and "centers of consciousness"? In your article, "Telepathy and Trinity", you seem to state that we have multiple minds that are interrelated in such a way to know the content of each other's mind. That doesn't appear to end up having one mind dependent on another. Wouldn't it undermine Dr. Anderson's argument if 2 minds can share numerical identical content and not reduce to one mind being dependent upon the other?

    1. Rather than attempting to exegete Anderson's analysis, I'll stick with my own explanation! He probably didn't write with my telepathy example in mind, so I can't say if they're reconcilable .