Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Papal silly putty

Having reversed church policy on the admission of adulterous Catholics to communion, Francis is now making moves to reverse church policy on capital punishment. This has been in the pipeline for some time now. Main difference is that he apparently intends to formalize the reversal.

For some background on the lead-up to current developments:

Catholic philosopher and convert to Catholicism Ed Feser, who has a big following on the Internet, published a defends of the traditional Catholic position on capital punishment just in time to have Pope Francis pull the rug right out from under him. One wonders if there's a breaking-point for some of these disgruntled, high-profile converts to Rome.

The controversy is useful for documenting how the magisterium is a blueprint for anarchy, as well as how Catholic "tradition" has become silly putty in the hands of the magisterium:

That's just a sample. The magisterium is a blueprint for anarchy. 

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  1. Speaking of capital punishment, do you think that Rom 13:4 expresses support for CP or does it just refer to the right of authorities to use force in stopping lawbreakers? Or is Paul even being that specific?