Monday, December 11, 2017

One mouth, two sides

French talking out of both sides of his mouth in the span of three weeks:

Do Moore’s defenders not realize the extent to which religious freedom in this nation depends on a host of progressive judges and government officials complying with lawful court orders? For example, the ability to hire and fire pastors according to the dictates of the church and not the federal government was only recently reaffirmed by the Supreme Court. What if some state judge, somewhere, disagrees? If you accept Moore’s behavior on the bench, you must accept that any judge can defy the Supreme Court whenever he sees fit.

The list of political remedies for the worst judicial decisions goes on and on. Statutes and regulations can protect religious liberty and free speech. State constitutions can play a vital role. Protest and activism can render illiberal changes too costly even for hostile lawmakers. Conservatives too often act as if a Supreme Court decision is the end of an argument. In truth, it’s often just the beginning.

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  1. No matter what the cultural conservatives French is criticizing do, French will find a way to slam them.

    Resist Supreme Court opinions? You don't care about the rule of law.

    Be zealous for working within the system by appointing good Supreme Court justices? You care too much about the Supreme Court.

    There's a name for this: Tribalism. Ironic that those who warn us the loudest against tribalism are among the foremost offenders.