Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Our national dialogue on race"

There's a poisonous quality to "our national dialogue on race". On the one hand, whites are vilified. White guilt, white privilege, check your privilege, systemic/institutional racism. Implicit racism.

Predictably, that puts whites on the defense. So they respond by pointing to black-on-black crime, high rates of black criminality among young black men. That puts blacks on the defensive. 

Each side resents how the other side frames the issue. It's a vicious cycle. The way to break the cycle is to avoid stereotyping people by race, which ends up putting everybody on the defensive, causing endless, gratuitous acrimony. 

The last thing SJWs want is racial harmony. They need to constantly stoke the fires of division to get political capital out of the resultant polarization. 

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