Monday, June 13, 2016

Gays v. Muslims

I'm waiting to see if the jihadist attack on the Orlando gay nightclub changes the political dynamic. This is a jihadist attack on a liberal protected class. Although the liberal establishment is responding with its push-bottom gun-control comeback, the LGBT "community" may take issue with that generic repines. What we now have is a clash in the liberal pecking order. Both Muslims and homosexuals are social mascots of the liberal establishment. Which ranks higher in the pecking order? We're about to find out. If the LGBT "community" makes this an issue about the need to be protected from Muslim immigrants, then that will be a wedge issue for the Democrat coalition. Which pressure group has more political clout–the LGBT "community" or CAIR? 


  1. I'm a Floridian, just two hours away from Orlando. The local LGBT communities, according to my local paper, have adopted the liberal establishment talking points of gun control and talk of "hate crimes" that collapses conservative Christians in with Islamic extremists.

  2. Islam and Muslims are not even being mentioned in many of the reports of the shooting. I've seen a few stories now where the shooter is referred to as a "homegrown terrorist," not an Islamic terrorist. Other stories (one in Rolling Stone, for example) are trying to make the case that the problem is guns and homophobia, not Islamic terrorism. The left will always find a way to spin the story in their own direction.