Sunday, June 12, 2016

David Wood on Orlando jihadist massacre


  1. Steve are we to pray for these Sodomites (Jeremiah 7:16)? Was this God's wrath?

    1. Jer 7:16 is a case of God's revealed will. By contrast, we aren't privy to why God's intentions regarding this event.

      Militant Muslims will kill anyone they consider to be infidels. In this case it happens to be homosexuals. In other cases it happens to be Christians, Jews, fellow Muslims of the wrong sect. It would be arbitrary to assume this particular jihadist attack is God's wrath, but most others are not.

      As for who we should pray for, there are billions of unbelievers on planet earth. Who are we not praying for when we pray for X? In the nature of the case, intensive prayer has to individualize.

      As a rule, I think it best to pray for people we know, rather than anonymous, fill-in-the-blank prayers.

    2. I'd like to expand on Jeremiah 7:16.

      God was speaking to Jeremiah for a specific situation. I don't think it's intended to be normative in any way for us today. As a prophet, Jeremiah's published prayers were necessarily prophetic. We're not prophets like Jeremiah. Given the GC, our prayers regarding those hostile to Christ should reflect a heart to evangelize and disciple them. So, even as we ask God to change their hearts and save them, it is indicative of our desire to be used as his instruments to that end in accordance with his command.

      I like the way J Vernon McGee put it (to paraphrase): We don't know who the elect are. If the elect were known to be marked with a yellow stripe on their back, I'd go down the street lifting up people's shirts so I know who to preach to. Since the elect don't have a mark like that, we need to preach the Gospel to everyone.

      So we don't have a direct revelation from God telling us precisely who to pray for and not to pray for.