Saturday, June 18, 2016

False hope of sex-change surgery

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  1. Anecdotally, I've seen several LGBTs who have attempted suicide. I've seen them in various hospitals on various wards. On the one hand, they often state they have regretted suicide. On the other hand, they state they still desire to die. Digging a bit more deeply into the reasons for their suicide, I've come across what seems to be a plethora of problems including explicit sin as a source of these problems. For example, I remember a 30 year old homosexual male who slit his wrists as well as his throat but survived. He had a big ugly gash across his neck too. He regrets doing it, but he still reports wishing to die. This wasn't his first suicide attempt either. He tells me he is in a committed relationship (though not married) with a 60 something year old homosexual man, and has been for the past decade or longer, but he feels guilty for sometimes sneaking out at night and having sex with other homosexual men. He believes that by punishing himself by slitting his own throat and wrists he is making amends for his "affairs" with other men.