Saturday, February 13, 2016

Supreme Court to hear WTS case


  1. Very saddned to hear James Whites attack on Scalia.

    I didn't know the man. I have no idea if he trusted the mass, indulgences, etc.

    All I know is that a good and decent man who opposed the moral filth that has been imposed on us has fallen in the arms of a just God. Let's pray that God has overlooked his sins, as we hope the sins of all of us.

    1. Attack on Scalia? I read the post you link to and I didn't see any attack on Scalia.

    2. We don't hope that God overlooks sins, because He doesn't do that.

      Those who trust in Christ alone - His perfect life, atoning death, and resurrection - as their substitute know that their sins, for which they deserve hell, have been dealt with, because the Father poured out His wrath upon sin and it was absorbed and paid for by the Son.

      Those who fail to trust in Christ alone, or seek to add human merit to His finished work nullify grace and remain under the condemnation of the Law, and will pay the wages of their own sin, which is eternal death and judgment.

      This includes all works-righteousness systems, which includes Romanism.

  2. Replies
    1. Steve, I think rather that "Scalia" was used in place of "Any Roman Catholic". Dr. White was just repeating things that he's said before in this context -- Roman Catholics -- any Roman Catholic, including Scalia (if this were the case) who are clinging to Roman Catholic doctrine for their salvation will certainly find themselves surprised to find how things really work when they meet the Lord.