Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Last time I checked Real Clear Politics, which had the tally at 84%, NH proved to be a better night for the liberal/moderate candidates (Trump/Kasich/Jeb) than the more conservative candidates (Cruz, Rubio). That's not surprising. NH is a blue state. It says a lot about NH voters that they like Trump so much. Unfortunately, what it says about them isn't good. 

Cruz survives. Rubio was hurt. 

Christie may have hurt Rubio without helping himself. 

Unless the pecking order changes with additional returns, Jeb couldn't beat Cruz in a state that ought to favor a candidate like Jeb over a candidate like Cruz. Maybe Jeb can continue to limp along.

Rubio needs to up his game to stay in the game. 

At the moment it's probably a two-man race between Trump and Cruz, heading into SC. 


  1. I think so long as Trump continues to "show up", he'll continue to win.

  2. It is worth noting how open primary elections appear to have hurt Republicans. Anyone can just walk in and vote for Trump, and apparently they did.

  3. Is someone going to post on the Scalia vacancy and possible impacts/effects on the current and future presidency?

    Would be interested in t-blogue's take.