Monday, November 09, 2015

Was The Star Of Bethlehem A Comet?

Colin Nicholl recently published a book arguing that the star of Bethlehem was a comet. The book has gotten some impressive endorsements from several astronomers and New Testament scholars, as well as some scholars in other fields. It's also getting a lot of attention on the web. Here's a review I just posted at Amazon.


  1. Thanks for your patient analysis.

    1. Even if Rev 12 is astronomical, which is highly disputable, it's not that clear what constellation is in view. For instance, although some scholars assume it's the zodiac, Leonard Thompson, in his commentary, suggests it could be the Corona Borealis. Likewise, there are several astronomical candidates for the "serpent" or "dragon."

  2. That's the longest Amazon review I've ever seen. Congrats!