Saturday, November 14, 2015

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Okay, so we have a coordinated, multi-pronged jihadist attack in Paris. What will change? Not much.

i) Sure, there will be a crackdown on a few jihadist cells. French authorities will round up some riff-raff. But that's treating symptoms. 

Problem is the premise: it's like inviting a bunch snipers into a high school, locking all the exits, then holding PTA meeting on what to do about the recent spike in hallway violence. A lockdown keeps the bad guys in rather than out. Keeps them inside with you. It's not enough to close the borders. As even a soft-touch like Michael Nazi-Ali concedes:

We can be sure that among those arriving in Europe are radical Islamists who will wish to use this mass movement of people to infiltrate and implant sleeper cells for future terrorism in Europe. Whatever methods are used to distinguish genuine refugees from others, this factor has always to be kept in mind. We are facing not a nationalist ideology or a liberation movement or even a localised religious revival: we are confronted with a globalised religious ideology which has world domination in its sights. The events of the last year or so should sober up those who say, “It’ll never come here.” It has — and unless we wake up and address the threat directly, we may find ourselves refugees fleeing its wrath.

And that was before the Paris attack. 

Europe and the UK have millions of Muslims per country. So long as that's the case, any policing efforts will be cosmetic. A partial solution is to do what Spaniards did during the Reconquista: expel the Muslims. Send them packing. Anywhere but here! 

It's striking that so many Muslim immigrants are so contemptuous of the host countries. The utter lack of gratitude. 

It could begin with an ultimatum: police yourselves or else! If you don't solve the problem, we will do it for you. We need to give "moderate Muslims" an incentive to take charge of the situation. Make them fear deportation more than the radical elements in their midst. 

But I don't see that happening anytime soon. It's too drastic for the political class to contemplate. Yet anything short of that is too little to make a dent in the underlying problem.

As usual, we hear about how about all the "moderate Muslims" who aren't terrorists. Problem is, "moderate Muslims" are either unable or unwilling to rein in the jihadists. And it's not just terrorism. It's a rape culture. Honor killings. Pedophilia. Anal sex. Female genital mutilation. And so on and so forth. 

ii) On the international front, the US should be a genuine military ally of Israel. But, instead, we have a president who's hostile to Israel and sympathetic to the Iranian terrorist state. 

iii) We need to get tough. Here's an extreme example:

There's something to be said for this. I don't think we should kidnap innocent relatives. But at the level of the "terror masters," those who plan attacks, give the orders, it's often a family business. Most of the adult males are involved. So they are fair game. There are plenty of bad guys to choose from. Some of their male relatives are monsters. 

So many Muslim terrorists are sociopathic. The notion that you should treat others the way you want others to treat you is a totally alien concept to them. Well, they need to be taught that lesson the hard way. 

As a last resort, we should consider giving them a dose of their own medicine. They need to find themselves on the receiving end of what they dole out to others.

iv) In addition, because Muslim culture is a honor/shame culture, we need to use public humiliation as a deterrent. The whole notion of culture-appropriate menus for Muslim prisoners, going out of our way to avoid offense, is completely wrongheaded. Muslims need to be shamed into surrender. 

v) Thus far I've discussed ways of defeating Islam from the outside. But that's not all. We need to defeat Islam from the inside by seeding Islamic culture with Christian apologetics and evangelism. Examples include James White, Ken Temple, Nabeel Qureshi, Michael Nazir-Ali, David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Anthony Rogers, and Luis Dizon. 

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