Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrating A Holiday You're Fundamentally Undermining

I wonder how many of the pseudo-legislators on the Supreme Court who have decided to invent a fake Constitutional right to same-sex marriage are celebrating Father's Day today. I suspect all of them are. And they're probably celebrating it in a traditional manner, which is inconsistent with the most common arguments for same-sex marriage. Bringing up the Father's Day context of the Supreme Court ruling, whichever direction that ruling takes, is a good way for opponents of same-sex marriage to frame discussions of the subject.


  1. excellent point Jason! I always appreciate your thoughtful blog entries.

    You should consider putting your Roman Catholic stuff into a book. (and re-write the "catholic but not Roman Catholic" series here; with all those quotes from the early church fathers.

  2. Pretty soon we'll be reduced to having special dates of recognition that are non-descript "Happy Days".

    Like a Seinfeld episode, but unfunny.