Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Evolutionary racism

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  1. While it's not not pleasant to talk about, it's rather obvious to observe that different races have different intelligences and behavior. Since these seem to remain constant through time and location, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are genetic.

    The Jewish IQ is 115 and they are responsible for a third of all the Nobel Prizes in the hard sciences. Hard to come up with an enviornmental explanation for that.

    And it doesn't require belief in evolution or even OEC. All that needs to happen is for some groups to reproduce differently than others. In some groups the more intelligent might have more children than the not so intelligent. Over time the group will get smarter.

    Consider the Roma (Gypsies). They came to Europe in relatively small numbers 1000 years ago. Since then they have practiced within group marriage and favored first cousin marriage. Is anyone surprised that there IQs are low?