Saturday, January 10, 2015

The futility of atheist outrage

Keith Parsons is mad:

I am angry. Very angry. We know that Islamic fanatics are mad dogs whose very humanity has been consumed by their devotion to a rabid religion. We have seen them massacre whole communities of innocent people for no reason other than religious bigotry. We have seen them kidnap hundreds of girls and young women then sneeringly taunt the loved ones of their victims. We have seen them murder and mutilate other girls for the crime of seeking an education.

Now, I happen to agree with him. But Parsons has a problem. He's a militant atheist. There is no eschatological judgment. Terrorists never get their comeuppance. Death is the great leveler. Both good guys and bad guys share a common oblivion. Irreparable harms or wrongs in this life are never rectified, for there is no afterlife, no heaven or hell. 

Even for the handful of terrorists who are captured and punished, their crimes are so far in excess of what human justice can requite that it's pitiful. 


  1. On atheism the terrorists live far more fulfilling lives than Parsons or any other atheist. They do what they want, take what they want, live how they want. They couldn't care less what Parsons or anyone else thinks. Parsons, in his heart of hearts, knows if he could wave a magic wand and make every Christian on earth disappear he would. But that sort of honesty is frowned upon by the gentleman atheist, so he keeps his true feelings under wraps. So Parsons pretends to be something he ain't while the terrorists are as true to their own selves as anyone can be. Aren't we constantly told that that's all that matter? Being true to oneself?

    1. Joe Stalin was the atheist of all atheists. He got everything he wanted out of life, and he almost got to rule the world.

  2. I personally prefer the irrational, inconsistent anti-theists to the rational consistent type.