Sunday, January 04, 2015

Game of chicken

Radicals sometimes play a game of chicken to get their way. This includes hunger strikes. Or standing in front of trains (Trident submarine base protestors) or bulldozers (Rachel Corrie), thereby daring the political establishment to kill them. Some Buddhist monks set themselves on fire to protest the Vietnam war. On a less dramatic note are protesters who chain themselves to doors, gates, and fences.

We see an analogous strategy in how homosexual and transgender activists play the suicide card. Unless you capitulate to our demands, you are to blame for those who kill themselves. 

A functional society cannot allow social policy to be exhorted by a game of chicken. If you play that game, be prepared to lose. A functional society cannot permit itself to be shutdown by tactics like that. 

If you chain yourself to a door, the authorities should leave you there and use a side door. If you stand in front of an oncoming train, expect to be run over. 

The world shouldn't come to a screeching halt just because individuals make demands. You don't have the right to gridlock a metropolis, or endanger everyone else.

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  1. You could include Hamas' playing chicken by proxy by using civilians as human shields.