Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Inventing the next Matthew Shepard

LGBT propagandists are laboring to make Josh Alcorn the next Matthew Shepard, so that Alcorn will be to the transgender cause what Shepard was to the homosexual cause. And in the process, his parents are being vilified and threatened. I'd like to make a few related observations:

i) In his suicide note, he said:

I’m never going to find a man who loves me.  

Let's take that at face value. By his own admission, he was sexually attracted to other men. And physically (i.e. genetically, morphologically) he himself was a young man.

Is that how you define transgender? If a man is sexually attracted to other men, that's homosexual, not transgender. 

ii) Apropos (i), it's not uncommon for homosexual liaisons to be a travesty of heterosexual liaisons. By that I mean, one homosexual partner assumes the stereotypical role of the husband. The dominant party. While the other homosexual partner assumes the stereotypical role of the wife. The receptive party. 

Isn't that exactly the role Josh was casting himself in? The wifely role in a homosexual liaison? 

iii) His parents are being vilified for allegedly precipitating his suicide because they didn't affirm his true identity. If only they had, he'd have enjoyed a normal healthy lifespan. So goes the contention.

If, however, he was homosexual (see above), then by affirming his homosexual proclivities, they'd be affirming his pursuit of a homosexual lifestyle. But in that event, he'd fall prey to all the many life-threatening diseases and medical complications associated with sexually active sodomites. 

So the alternative to their taking a Christian position would not have been to steer him into a long, healthy life. Rather, that would have confirmed him in a dangerous and disease-ridden lifestyle. 

iv) Of course, the choice between suicide and sodomy is a false dichotomy. There is a third alternative. 

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