Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This time next year

"By this time next year there will be hundreds and thousands of people gathering outside abortion mills every day in this country. There will be thousands and thousands of abolitionists taking to the streets and going to the high schools, colleges, and comfortable modern american churches in their cities to expose the evil of abortion and bring it into conflict with the Gospel of Jesus Christ every week. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of consistently engaged, regularly active, autonomous yet unified, self-directed yet Spirit-led, incredibly powerful Abolitionist Societies spread out across this continent and around the globe. There won't be a person in the Western World who does not know about the presence of people fighting to Abolish Human Abortion on account that it is murder and seeking to end it by treating it like what it truly is: Child Sacrifice.
All of the rumors, assumptions, and slanderous accusations being made against AHA right now will have long been debunked, discarded, denied by all who have ears to hear and eyes to see and the world will be divided into two groups; Abolitionists and Abortionists.

Aside from the disturbingly oracular Messiah complex on display, this prediction does have one advantage: they've given us an acceptability-clock to judge their performance. If by this time next year they fall far short of their self-confident projections, then we can judge their movement to be a dismal failure. We'll be justified in hiding them to their own prediction.  

By this time next year, the jig will be up and the dance will be over. There will be no more hiding the fact that the only thing keeping abortion from being abolished is the failure of anti-abortionists to unify together and call for its immediate, unconditional, and total abolition. 
We are asking for pro-lifers to become abolitionists and unify together under Christ to seek the unconditional and immediate abolition of human abortion. This will not happen over night, but it will never happen if we do not all come together and call for it.

Uh-oh. Here's comes the escape clause. You always need to read the fine print. If their prediction doesn't pan out, that's not their fault. Blame the prolife movement. 

But why can't the prolife movement invoke the same escape clause? If there were more prolife volunteers, more prolife voters, more prolife gov't officials, then the cause would make greater headway. If AHA hadn't polarized the prolife movement, we'd achieve more. 

The war between opinions and platforms (pro-choice v pro-life) is coming to an end. The war of the future is between those who will act and those who will continue to wait. It is between those who have accepted the ways things are and those who believe in the power of God to do greater things now than He ever has before.

There's a difference between believing what God can do and believing what God will do. Since we have no divine promise that God will enable us to abolish abortion, leeriness doesn't reflect a lack of faith. 

This is why they accuse us of doing nothing and failing to have any successes to speak of. (They are hiding the fact that our success is measured by a decrease in their adherents and a growth in active abolitionists and societies).

Really? Success is measured by membership rolls? Shouldn't success be measured by the abolition of abortion? 

A general problem with their self-congratulatory ultimatum is that if they can actually pull it off, they don't need to talk about it. Just do it.

Don't tell us what you can do: do it! Show us what you can do. If you do it, you don't need to talk about it. It's done! The achievement will speak for itself. 

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