Saturday, November 22, 2014

John Bugay speaks about the history of Roman Catholicism

My presentation on the history of Roman Catholicism 11/21/2014Here is a link to the slides I used in my Agora Forum discussion on Roman Catholicism Friday night.

There were about a dozen people in attendance, and the discussion lasted about 2.5 hours. It was not recorded.

My thanks to Dr. David Snoke for the invitation, and to all who attended and took part in the discussions. I had a great time.

2014-11 Agora Forum on Roman Catholicism.


  1. Thanks John! A pity that it wasn't recorded. How many present were RC and what was their response? Also, have you read Allisson's book, yet?

    1. Hi EA, it was a small group, about 12 people, and this was more of a discussion than a presentation. I thought it went very well.

      I haven't read Allison's book, but I've got the kindle version, and I'm trying! Have you read it?