Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More From Giulio Fanti On Dating The Shroud Of Turin

I just saw Dan Porter link an interview with Giulio Fanti, by Vatican Insider, concerning Fanti's recent book on dating the Shroud of Turin. The interview is a rough English translation of Italian, but it's easy to follow the general thrust of what Fanti is saying. For those who don't know, Fanti is an Italian scientist who recently applied three new dating methods to alleged material from the Shroud. All three methods gave a date consistent with Jesus' lifetime, much earlier than the carbon dating results of 1988. Here's a post I wrote last year about the initial reports of Fanti's work. And here are some of Fanti's more recent comments:

Today, we have thus five different dating methods: the radiocarbon method, my three and those of Rogers. Also, we could have been wrong. But four different independent methods, reach the same result, but then speak a clear language. As long as these results are not refuted, and I can not imagine how this should be possible, these results have scientific validity. So that has first Century after Christ the greatest probability as emergence period for the Turin grave cloth. This dating corresponds exactly to the time Jesus of Nazareth lived in Palestine. We now await the reactions from the rest of the science world. So far we received only affirmative and affirmative responses, but no refutation.

Notice Fanti's reference to the work of Ray Rogers, which I've discussed before. Even if we were to reject Fanti's research, we'd have other grounds for dismissing the 1988 carbon dating results. There are many indications, some of which I've discussed before, that the Shroud is older than the medieval era. The preponderance of evidence favors authenticity.


  1. Wow, four of five dating methods are consistent with the 1st century!!!

  2. The 88 c14 dating tests just dont stand up to the preponderence of evidence that favors authenticty. The hungarian pray codex of 1192 alone is older then the oldest date (1260) of the 88 c14 tests.

    The folding patterns found on John Jackson's light raking tests that match the unique folding pattern (Tetradiplon) describing the mandylion is not used anywhere else but to describe the mandylion shows us that the mandylion and shroud of turin are the same relic. And the written history of the mandylion goes back to the early 500's ad and is based on an earlier 4th century story of King agbar who ruled edessa during Jesus's time.

    Like you said there is a wealth of evidence for the shroud's authenticity, but id be very interested in seeing if Fanti can confirm the chain of evidence for the fibers he tested. Fanti said he can and will show this when his work is approved through the peer reviewed process, but like you said we didnt even need fanti's tests to know that the 88 c14 tests were invalidated already