Monday, February 24, 2014

Paul Bassett to Dean Obeidallah – “U S Laws are based on the Bible!”

Paul Bassett has had some brief interactions on Twitter with Dean Obeidallah, wrote about some concerns that the rise of Mike Hucakbee and Rick Santorum may lead to what he calls a “Christian Sharia”.

Here is Paul’s larger response to that: U.S. Laws based upon the Bible:

I think Dean has missed the point and I would like to set the record straight. In his recent tweet to me he expressed concern that our laws should not be based on the Bible.

First of all, America’s laws are already based on the Bible. Nine of the thirteen colonies that came together to form the United States had established Christian religions. The Founding Fathers were Christians and were committed to creating a new system based on Christian principles. And that trend predated the Constitutional Convention by at least 150 years....

So when the Founders came together in Philadelphia they were not acting contrary to the history of the colonies they there were there to represent. In fact, the Christian foundation of the American culture was so established around the world that the famed German historian, Leopold von Ranke declared that John Calvin was the true founder of America! ...

... when America’s Constitution – the “Supreme Law of the Land” – was contemplated and enacted it was done by professing Christians whose intent was to create a Christian nation. The colonies that sent representatives to the Constitution had either established Christian religions supported by the taxpayer or had overwhelmingly Christian populations without an established church. They only sent people to represent them at Philadelphia that could swear allegiance to a Trinitarian Christianity....

See the entire article here.

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