Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seducer or seductress?

Every so often the news reports a case of junior high or high school student seducing a student. I don't keep a tally, and I don't watch the news anymore (nowadays I get all my news from the Internet), but by my informal recollection, these stories usually report a female teacher seducing a teenage boy, rather than a male teacher seducing a female student. Although a male teacher is sometimes the reported perpetrator, it seems much more frequent for the reported perpetrator to be a female teacher.
I wonder if that's actually representative. Are female teachers seducing students at significantly higher rates than males teachers? 
If so, that cuts against the feminist stereotype of men as sexual predators. 
Perhaps, though, the tabloid media just prefers to report cases involving female teachers and male students. If a male teacher is caught, the news will report the arrest and conviction, but it doesn't cover the trial. If a female teacher is caught, the media loves to cover the trial. 
To some extent this reflects a reverse double standard. If the defendant is a male teacher, that's automatically coercive. An abuse of power. Taking advantage of a minor. Statutory rape. 
But if the defendant is a female teacher, the coverage is often more sympathetic. It's about "love." It's consensual. The boy got lucky. 
However, assuming that female teachers are doing this significantly more often than male teachers (which I don't know for a fact), is there something about how our culture is raising girls which results in a percentage of grown women who are too psychologically immature to have an adult relationship with a man their own age? 

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  1. Locally, I can say that the incident rate is higher for men. I know of at least three cases of male teachers with minors in my county. I know of no female teachers with minors. But you are absolutely correct in the disparity of reporters between genders. Men are vilified and women are exonerated in the press despite whatever happens in the courtroom. The only example might be if the tryst was homosexual although I can't think of a single "consensual" example.

    I don't think that the media intends this, but there is a natural implication that teenage girls are victims and teenage boys are not. That could go in a number of directions, not all of them favorable to the liberal social experiment. Does the media mean to imply that girls are victims because they cannot make wise decisions? That can't play well for them in the abortion arena.

    As far as raising a generation of women who are too psychologically immature, I would say that most people are too psychologically immature these days. A) That's a result of the liberal agenda. B) That sets up a generation who are unwittingly dependent on the liberal agenda.