Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is Hitler a rock?

Karma and reincarnation are central to religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. At least in some of their incarnations.

Let's say karma and reincarnation are true. As I understand it, one can be reincarnated higher up or lower down the karmic chain primarily depending on one's moral actions in this life, or failure thereof. Karma is largely based on conduct.

However, for religions that accept reincarnation into inorganic objects and suchlike, what happens if one ends up reincarnated as a rock or mineral or some other object that can't think or feel or experience? An object which can't act let alone act morally or immorally? Is this a karmic dead end? Karmic hell? Is Hitler a rock?


  1. Given that some of these eastern religions also view passivity as the path to enlightenment, maybe being a rock is a karmic dead end in a very different sense: enlightenment! (... does that make Hitler actus pururs?!)

  2. Or perhaps Hitler is Iraq.