Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Were Jesus And The Apostles False Prophets?

William Lane Craig recently responded to a question about whether Jesus was a failed eschatological prophet (in Matthew 24:34 and elsewhere). While Craig makes some good points, I would answer the question somewhat differently. Some of the most significant evidence isn't addressed by Craig or the person who asked him the question.

The members of the Triablogue staff hold different views of eschatology. A few of us have addressed the subject Craig is discussing from our different eschatological perspectives (Steve Hays as an amillennialist, Paul Manata as a partial preterist, and me as a premillennialist, for example). I briefly summarized some of the most significant points in a post a few years ago. After reading the post I just linked, see chapter 12 in The Infidel Delusion. Other material we've written is linked near the end of the post here.

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  1. one can be a Partial-Preterist about Matthew 24:1-34 and much of the book of Revelation, and also still be Amill, or Post-Mill, or even Pre-Mill (but with more of a double fullfillment of other verses before 34, especially 29-31).

    Partial- Preterism definitely helps answer the usual attacks on Jesus in Matthew 24:34 as making a false prophesy.
    See an article I wrote here: