Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mars Hill outsourcing

Docent has been invaluable to me. I think I have had them do nearly everything but cut my grass. They have saved me hundreds of hours of work and multiplied my effectiveness. I have recommended them to lots of friends because any ministry that serves leaders who serve God’s people is a great gift. 
Mark Driscoll, Founding and Preaching Pastor
Mars Hill Church, Seattle


  1. Steve,

    Something about this feels wrong, though it does explain how someone like Driscoll and others can prepare in 1-2 hours (viz. your other posts saying he takes 1-2 hours to prepare).

    I suppose some will say this is equivalent to research assistants in academic settings or the many published resources in bookstores and online.

    But the Docent thing strikes me odd and perhaps the way we are ministering is skewed.

    1. Here's my source of info on sermon prep time:

  2. Steve,

    Thank you for the source link.

    What is your opinion of the use of a third party like Docent? Do you think it is a rise in the 'celebrity' pastor mentality, doing so many speaking engagements that they spread themselves too thin needlessly and therefore have to resort to outsourcing?

    1. I don't think it's all that new. W. A. Criswell was accused of plagiarism, and Donald Barnhouse absented himself from the Tenth Pres pulpit for 6 months per annum. I think the Internet has made it easier both to commit and expose plagiarism.

      I think this is due to vanity. The flattering illusion that we are indispensable. We need to be everywhere.