Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Calvinist-Libertarian Mashup


  1. Good post. Yesterday at work I was listening to the latest STR podcast and Koukl again tried to have his CAKE.

    The post-DECISION scenario also is a good example of what I was getting at in my Mencius illustration, so I'm guessing you'll say that of course that level of sourcehood is unsatisfying to the libertarian. But voicing it in terms of Calvinism (via the context of DECISION) may be what taints our libertarian's intuition here, whereas I think they may be less inclined to point out to Mencius that he is jeopardizing FW. But they could still point to the consequence argument I guess and say this settles it : we need ultimate sisterhood.

  2. Autocorrect or just liquored up: sourcehood. Happy Thanks Giving.