Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Is America a lost cause?

Many conservatives seem to be pretty pessimistic about America after the election and reelection of Barack Obama. That’s entirely understandable. Is America doomed? I’d like to draw some distinctions.

It’s quite possible that after two terms of Obama, America will be in a state of irreversible economic decline. Mind you, in a global economy, we may have plenty of company for a lower standard of living.

Then there’s the question of moral and spiritual decline. One generation isn’t intrinsically different from another generation. One generation isn’t inherently superior or inferior to another. Cultural conditioning can make a difference, but it would be conceited and arrogant to write off the next generation.

Keep in mind, too, that many rank-and-file Americans are bullied into acquiescing to social policies they personally resent. This is coercive conformity, not a change of heart.

On the spiritual front, revival is entirely in God’s hands. Revival is unpredictable. That can happen out of the blue. We’re in no position to say America is in a state of spiritual freefall. That prejudges God’s plan for America as well as the world.


  1. I disagree. Cultural trends that are driven by the few - those in control of media, education, government, etc. often shape the thinking of the majority over time. This explains why homosexuality was anathema to most 30 years ago, but is now being celebrated by many who would have despised it then. I am not saying the majority accept homosexuality now, but far more rejected it 30 years ago. I don't think those people look at their change of beliefs as a result of coercive conformity. Rather, I see it as willing conformity. Nonetheless, I agree that spiritual rival can change everything.

    1. I doubt most Americans have ever read or heard the intellectual case against homosexuality. Although they may instinctively reject it, they don't know how to argue for their moral instincts.

    2. It's hard to survey public opinion if respondents are afraid to tell pollsters what they really think. We're creating a climate of fear.

    3. "I doubt most Americans have ever read or heard the intellectual case against homosexuality."

      What books do you recommend that make the intellectual case against homosexuality? Thanks.

    4. For starters, mouse over to Robert Gagnon's website.

    5. David G. Peterson has written a little bit on the topic as well. More from the perspective of biblical theology though.

    6. Also, Richard M. Davidson's book Flame of Yahweh is about sexuality in the OT in general. But it has some stuff on homosexuality. However he's a Seventh Day Adventist.

  2. Is America a lost cause?

    Sad that this is a valid and reasonable question to ask.