Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Marriage equality"

That’s Pastor Robert Jeffress, a man so vile that Tim Tebow turned down a speaking offer at his church to avoid controversy… only to then turn around and say yes to the late Jerry Falwell‘s university.

    “What homosexuals do is certainly filthy, but I never said homosexuals were filthy,” said Jeffress.

Jeffress doesn’t hate anyone… but he’s going to do anything he can to make sure those filthy homosexuals never get the same rights he and his wife have.

Just put up billboards featuring local pastors saying awful things. It won’t be hard to find quotations and you can do it in damn near every city in America. Let the entire community know what these pastors say to their congregations. Let the pastors defend themselves to the media. Let the parishioners explain to their friends why they attend a church led by such bigoted men.

It’s important to contrast how homosexual lobbyists like Andrew Sullivan portray homosexuals for PR purposes with the way homosexuals portray each other when their guard is down.

Sometimes we need to listen to what homosexuals say to each other, in their own words, to correct the airbrushed image of “committed homosexual couples.”

Here’s a link. Warning: it’s rough. It’s ugly. 

Jeffress didn’t say anything “vile.” If you wish to read something vile, follow the link. Yes, what homosexuals do is filthy. You don’t need to take the word of an SBC pastor. You can get that straight from the horse’s mouth:


  1. Jeffress didn’t say anything “vile.”

    He presented himself poorly. Not quite "vile", but definitely rather dumb. It's as if there isn't a single social conservative of prominence who knows how to approach this issue in a way that will actually get people to listen or convince others.

    Treating homosexuals as a group who all act the same is a mistake.

    1. Crude said:

      "Treating homosexuals as a group who all act the same is a mistake."

      For what it's worth, if anything, I've responded here.