Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nine Reasons Why Republicans Ought to Nominate Herman Cain

I don't necessarily agree with the title, but he merits serious consideration:



  1. Very interesting. I hope he wouldn't become just another politician in the Whitehouse once he got there. George W. certainly did.
    But, the points the writer makes are good ones. I suppose we can always hope, and believe God may put an upright man in charge of our nation.

  2. It looks to me like most Republicans will eventually line up behind either Cain or Perry as an alternative to Romney. I still think they're more likely to go with Perry. Cain will receive more scrutiny now. I doubt he'll falter as much as Bachmann did, but I think he will go down significantly in the polls eventually. I suspect Romney would only win if the Republicans think they need him as a back-up option. I find it remarkable that people have been giving so much attention to Perry's decline while giving so little attention to Romney's failure to go higher in the polls. A lot of Perry's mistakes can be corrected without much difficulty. But how would Romney improve? His biggest problem seems to be that people don't trust him, and that's something that's more difficult to overcome. As Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, and other candidates eventually leave the race, are their supporters more likely to go to Romney? Or an alternative to Romney, like Cain or Perry? Don't just look at the numbers for individual candidates. Also consider the larger anti-Romney number.

    But Romney does have some significant strengths. He'd be the best speaker and debater the Republicans have had as a presidential candidate in about a quarter of a century. After decades of candidates like Bob Dole and George Bush, it would be such an improvement to have somebody who can speak and debate as well as Romney does. He's the most electable of the Republicans who are running. He wouldn’t be as easily associated with George Bush as Perry would be or as easily criticized for lack of governmental experience as Cain would be. His Mormonism is a problem, but I think trust is his biggest problem with most Republican voters, and I doubt he'll overcome it. However, if he does get the nomination, there will be some advantages. I'd prefer that Perry get the nomination, but Romney would be better in some ways. So would Cain.

    I'm glad that Christie isn't running. And I hope Palin stays out.

    I'd rather have somebody like Jindal or Rubio than Perry, Cain, or Romney. But the current field is better than what we've had in other recent presidential campaigns. The 2012 field isn't ideal, but it's an improvement.

  3. A Cain/Rubio or Rubio/Cain ticket would really give the Dems something to choke on.