Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Credo Magazine


  1. That's a huge PDF with a 33-minute download. Could you summarise it?

  2. I'm not sure why you have such a long download time. Are you on dial-up? (The document is 15.4 MB, which is not all that huge.)

    The PDF is 47 pages divided into several articles. Steve Hays can offer his own summary of each if he wants, but that seems cumbersome given the varied material contained within. Here's the table of contents:

    14 Inspiration, Inerrancy and the Trustworthiness of God (Matthew Barrett)

    22 Today's Battle for the Bible: The Enns-Beale Debate (Robert Saucy)

    30 Sola Scriptura: The Authority of the Word (Owen Strachan)

    40 The Clarity and Sufficiency of Scripture (Gregg Allison)

    45 B.B. Warfield on Inerrancy (Fred Zaspel)

    52 "Zeal to Promote the Common Good" The Story Behind the KJV (Michael A.G. Haykin)

  3. (I forgot to add that there is more material in the magazine, but these are the major articles.)