Saturday, October 08, 2011

Godless witch-hunters

Atheists often complain about how they are (allegedly) the victims of discrimination. Here's the flip side of the coin:


  1. This is the sort of atheism that could only survive in the internet age.

  2. These atheists almost sound like they may seek to become atheist jihadists in the mold of 20th century atheist warriors Stalin, Mao, and Polo Pot. Perhaps the millions murdered in abortion is just the launch of the atheist/secularist crusade.

  3. Behold! That, my friends, is what consistent, rational anti-theism carried to its logical conclusion looks like (short of the actual instruments of execution that is).

    Fallen men hate authority outside themselves, and they especially hate the ultimate authority of the One true and living God of the Holy Bible.

    In Christ,