Monday, September 26, 2011

Is abortion a state issue?

MS. KELLY: Congressman Paul, you have said that you believe that life begins at conception and that abortion ends an innocent life.If you believe that, how can you support a rape exception to abortion bans? And how can you support the morning-after pill? Aren't those lives just as innocent?
CONGRESSMAN PAUL: They may be, but the way this is taken care of in our country, it is not a national issue. This is state issue.

Ron Paul apparently thinks murder is a states rights issue. If abortion is murder, and abortion is a state issue then murder is a state issue–rather than a national issue.

Now it’s one thing to say each state has the right to decide for itself how it will legislate against murder, but Ron Paul seems to think each state has the right to decide whether it will legislate against murder.

Does he think Nevada has the right to decriminalize murder? What if Nevada passed a law saying it was legal to shoot Asians on sight, as long as that transaction took place within the borders of Nevada. 


  1. That was a weak statement by Ron Paul. But did he stumble a bit, trying to share his view against all the un-Constitutional candidates, and him trying to be so big time Constitutional?

    I'd like to know better what his views on abortion are. I thought he was very pro-life. I may be wrong.

  2. Ron Paul is staunchly pro-life. The logical conclusion of Steve's argument is that we need a one-world government.