Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He was for it before he was agin it


This is nothing more than Nicole/Hays arguments restated. The offer is sincere if X comes, and in so coming finds sufficient provision. The offer is only insincere if it turns out that X comes and God does not have sufficient provision for X.
For example, allegedly, the offer of forgiveness and salvation to Judas would have been sincere because:
Were (/if) Judas to have believed, he would have found a sufficient provision for him.

Et Non

I can only conclude that Steve is either confused or evading the point...We are not disputing what would have happened to Judas had he truly believed.


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  1. Steve, I wonder if David would agree that if the offer is strictly made to those who are weary and burdened with their sin, then it is not an offer made to those who are not elect and consequently, there can be no insincere offer by his standars. Yet, of course, there is an offer that is conditional, as you know, and that offer is sincere because if the condition is met the end result obtains, your point I think. As i see it, this is really no different than Jesus weeping over Jerusalem. He would have saved their children but they wouldn't come. His lament was as sincere as it gets, and it also puts the blame on the fathers for the blood of their children, which of course didn't excuse the children of the fathers.

    The question of whether God desires the salvation of the non-elect is I think another question. I think one can answer no to that question yet maintain without inconsistency that a conditional promise made to those known will not accept it can be sincere.