Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Challenge to the Church of NFP

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  1. Ah, I dunno. A couple of things can't be denied.

    One, Priests and Popes and Cardinals are single men making claims and teaching an understanding of procreation; and two, some of them have fathered. :(

    I remember being in Guatemala some 20 or so years ago visiting a very old cathedral days after construction workers discovered a "secret" chamber where the bones of infants were found, estimated to have been a couple hundred or so years before entombed. It was an interesting chamber, a stone cavern in that there was obviously a place where they gathered and pooled water. They had carved out a channel through the stone that flowed to a large stone bowl near by the grave sites. There was an area near this area where there was a carved out stone fire place and also carved out were the foundations for laying down.