Monday, August 15, 2011

"Bachmann Can Win"


  1. i agree, but i think Perry is more electable since the part of the media that is liberal loathes her much more than Perry. their unceasing brutal attacks were an important aspect of Bush's incredibly low approval ratings as well as Palin's. the left absolutely despises MB. i see it every day on the MB Facebook page.

  2. I thought Bachmann did very well in this recent interview, despite the fairly tough questions. She was confident and presentable, smart and articulate, and seemed very authentic. She was able to answer the questions well and get her main points across. Unlike Palin, she does usually respond well or well enough to questions in interviews, I think. I'd be happy to vote for her if she's the nominee.

    However I agree I think the media's attack against her will be relentless. Not that they aren't already relentless. But there's something else in their attacks against Bachmann that at least I don't detect against others like Romney or Perry. I wonder if it's because she's what everyone hoped Palin would be, the conservative analogue to the prototypical "successful" liberal woman (e.g. Hillary Clinton)? Anyway, I hope she can deflect such vicious criticism and win the minds and hearts of average Americans. I think she can if she continues to offer intelligent and articulate responses, carry herself with a professional demeanor, and most of all do so with genuineness of person and character. But, yeah, one misstep and the media, among others, will eat her alive. Yikes.

  3. I'm a "Anybody but Obama" guy. If Steve or Patrick had a dog or monkey that won the GOP nomination, that dog or monkey would get my vote. A dog or monkey would do less damage than Obama.

    That being said, I'd be happy if any of the folks below were on the ticket as either the POTUS or the VP:

    Michelle Bachmann
    Rick Perry
    Condaleezza Rice
    Marco Rubio

    On a side note, this country has gone so far downhill into the liberal abyss of self-inflicted damage, that a victory is simply slowing down the rate of apostasy from both Scripture and the Constitution.

    Is death by poisonous liberalism reversible? We shall find out.

  4. i'd like to see a Perry/Rubio ticket or Perry/Bachmann. no politician is a perfect choice, but these seem to be good choices. i just cant vote Romney unless it's between him and a Dem.

  5. She did better in the interview that Patrick posted, but she did not do well with a more lefty interviewer (David Gregory) who kept pushing her and played recordings of her actual statements.

    I like MB, her stand on the economy and repealing ObamaCare is especially good; but I agree with Denny Burk; she should have been willing to say more directly that she stands by those statements.

    The libertarians and liberals (and Christians) who commented at Burk's post think that she would have more respect, even from those who disagree, if she was upfront and just stated her position more clearly when pressed by the left. She needs to get ready to answer better when the left wing will be pressing her more in the future.

    I hope Michele Bauchman will watch John MacArthur's interviews with Larry King and how he handled the issues.