Saturday, May 28, 2011

Male headship

I assume most 2-k proponents believe that what the Bible teaches about male headship precludes women in the pastorate. On the other hand, I assume they wouldn’t oppose women in positions of power in the common sphere.

That, however, generates some striking conundra:

i) To begin with, modern-day pastors don’t wield any real authority, if we define authority as the power to make people do things. A pastor can’t force his parishioners to do anything they don’t wish to do. At most he can excommunicate them.

By contrast, women in high governmental positions (to take one example) do wield coercive authority over men and women who fall under their jurisdiction. They can fine you, fire you, or jail you if you flout their directives.

So it’s ironic if a 2k proponent says male headship only applies in the spiritual kingdom, but not in the civil kingdom. For it’s in the civil kingdom that subverting that principle has real teeth.

ii) Moreover, if the Bible teaches that male headship is a creational ordinance, then that’s not confinable to the spiritual kingdom.

It may only be taught in Scripture, but Scripture is teaching a general truth that carries general force in church and state alike.

Of course, you have egalitarians who reject the principle, but I’m dealing with 2k proponents who accept the principle.   

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