Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Best of William Lane Craig Debates

Recently, Reasonable Faith has released a set of DVDs of William Lane Craig's best debates in two volumes. Visit this link for more information.

On that website each volume is going for $97.00 (since this item is so new, I have not found it listed anywhere else, including Amazon). I have two brand new copies of each volume, and I am selling each for $70.00. I will also include free shipping to anyone who buys volume 1 and 2 (and again, I have two copies of each volume, meaning I have two volume 1s and two volume 2s). Otherwise shipping is an additional $5 dollars.

These DVD sets are brand new, unopened. I am selling them because I need to finance my graduate education, and while it would be nice to have these in the collection, I need money more than I need DVDs.

Please contact dogfreid @ gmail . com if you're interested. I will accept paypal or check payments, but if you prefer to pay with a check, I won't ship until the check clears.


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