Monday, March 14, 2011

Violence Shakes Rocky Mountain "Mecca"

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Protests erupted today in the ultra-conservative city of Colorado Springs, CO as thousands lined the streets to protest James Frey’s new book, available on Good Friday.

Frey’s book sparked controversy when he decided to write a biographical account of a man smoking pot and sleeping with prostitutes. The problem, Christians say, is when Frey decided to portray his biography as if he were the Messiah.

“This outrage is outrageous,” said one protestor, after he fired shots into several businesses along the I-25 corridor from the back of his moped. No one was injured in the exchange.

The scene is reminiscent of the riots of March 2, 2007, when four people were seen being slightly miffed at James Cameron.

The Associated Press contributed nothing to this report.

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  1. "Ben tells followers that the Bible is 'antiquated,' saying, 'The Bible was written 2,000 years ago. The world is a different place now. Stories that had meaning then are meaningless now . . . those books are dead.'"

    "Of religion, he says, 'Faith is what you use to oppress, to justify, to judge in the name of God . . . a means to rationalize more evil in this world than anything in history. If there were a devil, faith would be his greatest invention.' The novel will be released for maximum impact in the U.S. on Good Friday."

    Listening to God haters talk about Christianity is both funny and sad. At one point, I remember that I used to be just as blind as Mr. Frey, but at the same time I have to laugh at how stupid everything he says is.