Monday, March 14, 2011

The clarity of Rome

I am no NT scholar. I am not a universalist for the simple reason that I take the Church's interpretation of the text as normative, and the Church's interpretation has historically not been universalist. 

Personally, I have also speculated that those in hell improve morally asymptotically--never reaching virtue, but becoming gradually less vicious, and thus suffering the less.

I withdraw the speculation that the pains of hell decrease asymptotically. Such a view has apparently been condemned (non-definitively) by the Holy Office in 1893.

After further research, it's less clear to me what view has exactly been condemned. Mivart wrote an article where he argued that the folks in hell were happy, and even happier than on earth. The article was condemned in general terms as far as I can tell, and I do not know if there were any specifics in regard to the condemnation, so I may have been hasty in my comment.

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