Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double-Minded Pro-Life Politicians

An Open Letter to Florida Governor Charlie Crist

"a double minded man is unstable in all his ways . . ."
James 1:8

Governor Crist,

You are a professing pro-lifer who obviously hasn't the courage of your convictions to support the Fla. bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking first-trimester abortions. Instead, you state that you "prefer changing hearts to changing laws."

With all due respect Gov. Crist, it looks like you misunderstand what it means to be "pro-life". Let me define it for you in three simple points:

1. If the preborn is a human person, then abortion is murder.
2. The preborn is a human person (cf. Exo. 21:22-25; Psalm 139:13-16).
3. Therefore, abortion is murder.

Again Gov. Crist, abortion is murder. This means that you must take all Biblical and lawful means necessary to stop it. The problem is, you really aren't pro-life, you are modified pro-choice. So let's make sure we state clearly what you believe:
Even though you truly believe that abortion kills an innocent human child, mothers should still be allowed to kill their own children and we shouldn't legislate against it.
Just pause for a second and let the logic of that statement sink in. How about this statement for comparison:
Even though you truly believe that raping a woman is wrong, men should still be allowed to do it and we shouldn't legislate against it.
The absurdity of the second statement is obvious, just like the first. However, given your statements, it appears that you really don't believe that the unborn is an innocent human being.

Mr. Crist, if you love children you will hate abortion. Your hatred for it will change the way you behave, starting with your own legislation. Sadly, your stance reveals that you are a typical compromising politician that is full of flowery rhetoric.

Your job is not to change bad hearts, but to change bad laws.

If you want to change bad hearts, then preach the gospel. According to Romans 13:1-5, you have the God-given responsibility to protect your constituency by punishing the evildoer. This means that you are to change bad laws into good laws; laws that protect your people instead of putting them in harms way. This includes the most defenseless of your constituency, namely the unborn. Requiring an ultrasound by law before a first trimester abortion will cause women to face the truth that they have a little person growing within them. However, this means decreased abortion rates and angry pro-death voters. Don't worry about them, stand for the truth, regardless of the consequences; one of which may be the end of your political career. It's better to be a physically dirty garbage man with a clean conscience than a governor with dirty conscience due to a dirty, double-minded legislation history. If you are pro-life, then legislate consistently with your pro-life convictions since they are grounded in the Christian Scriptures and supported by modern medical science.

My exhortation to you is this:

Stop compromising and start standing against the genocide that is taking place in the womb at the rate of approximately 4,000 babies per day, a statistic that makes Hitler look like a sweet little Dutch grandmother.


Dustin S. Segers, Pastor
Shepherd's Fellowship Baptist Church


  1. Your job is not to change bad hearts, but to change bad laws.

    If he could do both, that would be great. But I do understand what you mean. And I agree.

  2. His name is actually Charlie Crist.

  3. Thanks for the correction.