Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arminian Pharisees

Recently, Billy Birch questioned the salvation of some Calvinists because they occasionally use Biblical invective or the equivalent. I then quoted some examples of Wesleyan invective, to which he responded:

“I do wish, however, that Hays would have made the effort to quote from Arminius himself, since I am not a Wesleyan, nor do I often quote from the Wesley's. His search would have proven unfruitful, however. This blog was designed to offer readers primary writings of James Arminius.”

In response, I took him up on the offer by doing a post in which I quoted some statements of Armininus about the pope. Among other things, Arminius calls the pope a “pimp,” “pander,” adulterer,” and “false prophet”–as well as the “Antichrist.” Arminius also accuses the pope of using “satanic” instruments” to achieve his aims.

Here’s the full text:


I have yet to hear back from Billy Birch on whether this gives us cause to question the salvation of Arminius. Does Birch think these epithets, several of which are drawn from Biblical usage, manifest the fruits of the Spirit? Does he regard Arminius as a Spirit-filled Christian or not?

As a doctrinaire Arminian, I’m sure that Birch is no respecter of persons. Since he issued a challenge, and I’ve risen to the challenge, I trust that he will be true to his word. To make an exception for Arminius would be Pharisaical, would it not?


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  2. http://triablogue.blogspot.com/2009/08/arminian-rhetoric.html

    Sure seems to me that Arminius was saying those things and more. Maybe you should "try again" and read it without the colored glasses this time.

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    Probably wise.