Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dwarf planet

The Plutonian sez:
Trollblog is at it again. They should pay attention to that "Flag Blog" button at the top of their blog. Someone might just hit that button and report them for HATE SPEECH for those Gratuitous Personal Atttacks that are characteristic for that "blog". Definitely conduct unbecoming a Christain (at least he says he's a Christain.).

Have you ever evaluated them with the Cuss-o-meter? For a supposedluy religious blog, their 4% rating is the equivalent of the F-Bomb.

If by their works you shall know them holds, then Trollblog has revealed what they have been predestined to. Let it be unto them an Anathema!


Tell me, O Great Anonymous Troll [whom I suspect to be the Courageous Steve Hays of TROLLBLOG], about the Christain Spirit of Christ when he rousted the Money Changers out of the Temple? Did St. Peter show Christain Charity towards Simon Magus?

While I have rebuked drwayman, Bob Brewer, and by implication William Birch himself over the misuse of the misleading term "Trialblogue" when the term TROLLBLOG is infinitely more accurate, we are still Civil towards each other and bear each other no malice, even in the face of this rebuke, unlike you who have used the characterization STUPID for all of us.

William, please do me a favor and DO NOT delete this Anonymous Troll's [whom I suspect to be the Courageous Steve Hays of TROLLBLOG] impudent and hypocritical post, as this post is an embarrasment to him. While I know that it violates your Rules for Civility that are normally in effect,this Semi-Anonymous Troll needs some Chastisement.


Trollblog obviously fears the "Flag Blog" button. I just posted a guide on how to use it in his "Termite" thread. Trollblog deposted it rather quickly, and I suppose I'm a banned user now.

It would not hurt the cause of Christianity to lose this loose cannon of a blog. For those of you who agree, please signify by hitting the "Flag Button" on Trollblog!

If Trialblog wishes to regain my respect, they can announce that they have expelled Mr. Hays from their membership, otherwise, they are still Trollblog to me.
1. It's ironic that the Plutonian accuses us of trolling when he's engaging in the same behavior.

2. The Plutonian is threatening us when he makes comments such as "Someone might just hit that button and report them for HATE SPEECH for those Gratuitous Personal Atttacks that are characteristic for that 'blog'." He then continues: "Definitely conduct unbecoming a Christain (at least he says he's a Christain.)." I wonder if it's "conduct unbecoming a Christian" for the Plutonian to make threats like this?

3. As of this post, I haven't seen the Plutonian apologize to the anonymous commenter whom he originally thought was Steve and said some fairly harsh words against but who later admitted he wasn't Steve (e.g. "All that I ask in return is that you be so generous to this Anonymous Troll and not believe that I am Steve Hayes"). Is it "Christian" behavior for the Plutonian to accuse someone of something, use harsh language against him or her as a result, and then when it turns to be a baseless allegation, to ignore the issue (at least at the time of this post, although the Plutonian has already replied to the thread)? Actually, anonymous, who is apparently not a Christian, has even apologized to the Plutonian!

Update, Aug. 23, 2009.

It looks like Birch deleted the Plutonian's comments in his combox (the very comments which I've quoted above), citing the following reason:
William Watson Birch said...

Pluto., & Dr. Wayman,

Please forgive me and have great patience with me, but I do not want to charge Triablogue with Hate Speech, nor do I want anyone to Flag their blog.

Though I disagree with how strong their invective is towards Christian and non-Christian alike, I still do not want to go down that road of Hate Speech.

God bless.
I'll note in passing how gracious Birch is to the Plutonian in the removal of the Plutonian's comments from his weblog despite the Plutonian's own "invective" toward others (like us and anonymous). And I just have to wonder, why doesn't Birch extend the same graciousness when it comes to us? Why doesn't he say stuff like "Please forgive me and have great patience with me..." to us? Why the two standards of treatment?


  1. The accusation of hate speech is the last refuge on a man losing an argument. One would think this "Plutonian" would consider that the tactic he threatens to use cuts both ways. But apparently he doesn't think slander is a good enough reason to use the "flag blog" button.

  2. Methinks you protest too much!

  3. Methinks you ought to pull the 2x4 out of your own eye...