Friday, October 24, 2008

The Ostrich Factor

"I want abortions safe, legal, and rare, harumph!"

That's what a lot of pro-choicers say.

Then, there's always the Cememtary of Choice, a site dedicated to remembering the thousands upon thousands of women who have died as a result of our "safe" and legal abortion laws.

Of course some might respond that all this means is that if we criminalize abortion, women will just resort to the back alley abortion scenario.

But of course that's probably not true as it wasn't true before Roe VS Wade

And of course the data could be even more off as most women wouldn't give up doctors who botched the abortion and rather said that they did it. The above findings were that of two pro-choice researchers.

So of course the "coat hanger" scare tactic is just a myth.

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