Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Than One Issue

For those who don't want to be one-issue voters, you can find a lot more than one reason to oppose Obama here.


  1. I think your link is broken. It took me to a page listing reasons to support Obama. ;)

  2. Anonymous,

    It would help if you'd choose some sort of screen name.

    Assuming you're the same anonymous poster who's been writing in other recent threads on the subject of abortion, how much do you agree with Obama's positions as outlined in the post I linked? I realize that you were joking about the link being broken, but your comment doesn't tell us how much you do agree with Obama. If you're generally liberal on issues other than abortion, then your willingness to argue that Obama would reduce abortions, in spite of what you acknowledge to be his "atrocious" record on abortion, is more understandable.

    For example, do you agree with Obama on homosexual issues?