Thursday, June 21, 2007

A word to the Wise

(Posted on behalf of Steve Hays.)

The following is from Sal Cordova:
Let’s set the record straight about Wise.

First, I spoke with Kurt only last week in person at BSG 2007. Upon asking whether he had written anything of his personal journey and reflections, especially material about his former teachers, Wise mentioned that out of respect for them, he wasn’t intending to publish anything.

Wise studied at University of Chicago under world class paleontologist Raup (Raup, by the way, attended Phil Johnson’s now infamous Pajaro Dunes Conference in 1992, the Genesis of the ID movement). Wise was a creationist then, and Raup had to get Wise into Harvard under Gould.

Wise also helped teach Lewontin’s classes in statistical biology as an assistant. Wise also studied fractals under Mandelbrot! Wise knew Erst [sic] Mayr and E.O. Wilson at Harvard, all the while being a creationist.

Wise, still speaks glowingly of his mentors, Gould and Lewontin. Not surprisingly, Gould and Lewontin have also been labeled left-wing creationists for their anti-Dawkinsian views of evolution….

If this seems too fantastic to believe, look at one of Wise’s recent proteges, Marcus Ross.

While at BSG 2007, I was telling Ross and Wise of my plans for grad school. I told them I was applying to go to a secular grad schools, but not in discipline that would where my view of origins would cause me difficulty.

Ross and Wise jokingly said, “you’re wimping out.” We all laughed. What could I say, these guys did the impossible.

And if one wonders if miracles happen, one only needs to look at Kurt Wise, a creationist, being awarded a PhD from Gould and company WHILE a creationist!


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