Saturday, June 23, 2007

Interesting Audio Interviews with New Agers

Our church is heavily involved with outreach and evangelism in our local community, and what follows is our most recent friendly interaction with New Age community at the Summer Solstice celebration held annually at the Lindley Park Arboretum in Greensboro, NC.

In 2006, almost our entire church mingled with the participants and performers at Lindley Park while I did some open-air preaching for about 15 minutes. After the open-air; we broke up into groups and interviewed people as to their views concerning truth, God, the Bible, trying to get a hold on their views of epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics so as to present the gospel. This year the celebration fell on Thursday during a week wherein I could not attend due to extenuating circumstances.

However, my fellow elder attended this year's events and interviewed both performers and participants. He asked a variety of questions to briefly set in bold relief the stark contrasts between the New Age Worldview and the Christian Worldview. Regardless of your worldview, you will benefit from and enjoy hearing those questions and answers. My fellow elder read passages from Exodus and Romans and asked for their “opinions" regarding those passages. The opening question was:

"Will you describe God to me?"

This was usually followed up with some questions about the location of the Ten Commandments.

Finally, a question was posed about the interviewee’s acceptance or rejection of the following proposition:

“Since God has written His Law in the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20, and people who break those laws are sinners and God Judges Sin, and the only way to avoid the judgment of God is by the Grace of God through Faith in Jesus Christ alone, Do you accept or reject that proposition?"

While the interviews can be entertaining, the real issue is that our own “Jerusalem” has plenty of people who not only don’t believe that Jesus Christ died for their sin, by God’s Grace, but they have made a god in their own image from their own imagination to suit their own sinful interests. It does not matter that they cannot possibly live consistently with their “concept” of god, truth, or reality, but many times it is blatantly evident that they have never thought about their own inconsistencies and how they naturally try to blameshift sin.

My fellow elder noted that He wanted to ask some of the following questions:

"If it is all about love and doing no harm, do you LOVE people who do harm to others?" (i.e., Hitler, Dahmer, etc).

However, in this case, these interviews were designed for upcoming podcast broadcasting at our church website, or perhaps at The Narrow Mind, with Pastor Gene Cook, Jr at . At this point, you can subscribe to the podcast by simply copying the data in the atom box on the lower right-hand side of the page and you will hear the whole podcast when it is done, Or paste the following link into your iTunes player: You should also be able to listen and/or download from the links below.

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