Monday, May 22, 2006

The Genuine And The Counterfeit

Benny Hinn promises miracles, then tries to prevent any investigation. The contrast between how Jesus carried out His ministry and how Hinn carries out his is stark. This isn't the first time Hinn's security personnel have behaved in a questionable manner. See, for example, Yves Brault's Behind the Scenes: The True Face of the Fake Faith Healers (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Dorrance Publishing Co., 1997). The first article linked above gives an example of a person Hinn claimed to heal who actually wasn't healed, and other such cases have been documented. Hinn has a long history of falsified miracle claims and other forms of corruption. (See, for example, here, here, here, and here.)


  1. Well now you guys have gone too far. Touch not Mine anointed, and all that.


    It'd also be interesting to investigate all the people who have investigated these guys and found them wanting. Have any of their own lives come to the promised shipwreck as a result?

    Didn't some guy promise years ago that Hank Henegraff would be dead in 90 days, or something like that?

    From the inane blabber that continues to spew from the Bible Answer Man, he's obviously still alive and "in ministry."

  2. It was John Kilpatrick, the pastor of the Brownsville "revival" church who made the prophesy about Hank dying in 90 days.

  3. Who investigated the stories written by the four evangelists?

    Wasn't it Clement More (?) who wrote "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," that described our present views about Santa Claus? Before he wrote people viewed Santa Claus differently. He created our views about Santa Claus.

    And isn't it likely that the four evangelists painted a picture of Jesus that, rather than acturately describing what this Jesus did, told stories like Clement More did?

    I believe Jesus existed, but with all of the pseudepigraphal writings in the first few centuries, including the Gospel of Judas, how do you say with a straight face that Jesus' reported miracles were ever investigated in the same way as Amazing Randi, or the Myth Busters or Mike Wallace or any investigative reporter today would do, reveals an ignorance based in blind faith.

    That's just my opinion.

    Carry on.......

  4. "The contrast between how Jesus carried out His ministry and how Hinn carries out his is stark."

    I'd really like to see an elaboration on this claim.

  5. Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts and a host of others who appear on TBN claiming to heal......

    two words fit...

    but only eternity will reveal their true character...and the damage they have done to hurting men, women and children.....

    Those two words are:


  6. When the Lord healed someone, like the man with the whithered hand, it was clear to all that a miracle had taken place. Even the Pharisees couldn't deny this. When Benny Hinn heals someone, it's an unknown person with a tumor, and bang! yer healed brother, only to drop dead 2 months later. Sadly, he was one of the 1st "evangelists" I ever heard before I was converted. I was told that if I doubted he was doing these things (i.e. healing people, bowling people over with the Holy Spirit) then I was doubting God. I watched him on TBN many times, and looking back I can honestly say that I never heard the gospel come out of his mouth. Thank God He brought me within the hearing of the truth a few years later and worked in my heart. If all I was ever exposed to was Benny Hinn's ministry, I would still be lost. He's a charlatan, I hope he repents of his sin before he has to answer to the "Judge of all the earth". Well, that's my comment for the day....

    --Jon Unyan

  7. I've written more on this subject at: